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Consultation Services


This service is designed to help the homeowner understand the home staging process, how staging impacts the selling price and time on market, before he/she decides if they will want more services.

During the visit, we will discuss your goals, expectations, competition, target market, and budget. I will review my home staging process and do a walk through of the home in order to explain what a buyer’s first impressions would be of each room. A quick staging demonstration by transforming a room of your home. The proposal is based upon the amount of work needed to gain a speedy sale and the highest dollar amount for your home. This consultation takes about an hour.

Cost is $100 ($50.00 will be credited to any future services)

Consultation and Proposal

Comprehensive Consultation and Written Report

This detailed comprehensive report is written in a format that is easy to follow for maximum staging results. Great for the D-I-Y homeowner, who wants a new perspective on their homes condition, but plans on doing all the work!

During the walk through, photos are taken and each room is analyzed to determine scope of work. We look for areas that need cleaned, de-cluttering, furniture placement, furniture removal, paint colors, accessories, and home repairs for each room. Then, a staging demonstration is given. A detailed written report will be emailed to the client along with a handy checklist for the homeowner to use for quick reference and stay on track. This usually takes 2 hours for a house up to 2000 sqft.

Every 500 sq ft will take about 30 minutes and cost $50.

This service is good for the D-I-Y homeowner who needs just a little help choosing the right wall colors that will reflect a cozy feeling in each room, while bringing a continues flow from room to room that will appeal to buyers.

Cost is $50 pre hour.

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Our consultation services can be used for a wide range of homeowner situations from the a home-owner how wants there home fully staged to the homeowners who just want information on the staging process, and everything in between. In all of our consultation we start by determining your goals, expectation, scope of work, and budget.



Due to changes in life, you may need to move into a smaller home or just want a change of style. Cozy Spaces can help you pick out what furnishing, paint color and accessories you will want in your new home.

Cost is $50 pre hour.

Downsizing Consultations

I wanted to take the time to write you a thank you letter commending you on the services you provided me. When I decided I needed to move and downsize, I contacted you again and you put me at ease as I was ready to pull out my hair, because I had so much stuff. I was very pleased.

Thank You!