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A: Unlike Interior designer or decorators, home staging focuses on improving a property by transforming it into a welcoming, appealing, and attractive product for sale. Staging often raises the value of a property by reducing the home’s flaws, depersonalizing, de-cluttering, cleaning, and making it look it’s best with furniture placement, lighting, color, and much more. Staging goes beyond decorating and cleaning, by creating moods and emotional connection points throughout the interior and exterior of the house to differentiate your home from the competition.

Q: What is Re-design?

A: “Re-design” is for the family not selling their home, but looking to update or make their home more functional for their current needs and lifestyle.

Q: When should I stage my home?

A: Hiring a professional home stager before you put your house on the market will save you time, create the broadest market appeal, avoid price reductions, and gain you potential larger end profits. Because, if agents and buyers view your home before staging, their first impressions will not be as favorable and the number of showings will drop.

Q: Will home staging involve using some of my furniture and accessories?

A: Absolutely! We understand that you want to keep cost down, and this is a great way to accomplish that goal. We are experts at taking what you already own and either adding pieces or taking away pieces to make the rooms look fabulous. Strategically, replacing a few outdated accessories with up to the date ones can make a huge difference, especially when combined with low cost cosmetic updates such as paint and modern fixtures.

Q: Why is staging so important?

A: The market is overloaded with inventory and most houses sit on the market for several months or more. To stand out from the competition, a home must excite buyers and make a lasting impression. Statistics show that 80% of buyers shop online for a home first. If they don’t like what they see in the photos posted they will not visit the house.

Q: How does “home staging” work?

A: When you make an appointment with us, a highly trained, certified home stager/re-designer will come to your home and give you an evaluation as to what is necessary to sell your home in a timely fashion for the best price possible.

Q: How much will staging my home cost me?

A: Cozy Spaces offers a variety of products to fit every budget. We are here to help you get your house sold fast in the most cost effective way. Home staging is an investment that will bring high returns. Mortgage payments, interest, upkeep and price reductions far exceed any cost of staging. Charges are usually by the day or ½ day, because it normally takes several hours to make the changes that are necessary. These charges will be listed in the proposal that we present after the initial consultation.

Q: Can I afford to hire a Professional Home Stager?

A: Hiring Cozy Spaces can get you a 200 – 300% on your investment. If you want to avoid the stress of having your property sit on the market for months, if you want to avoid the hassles of endless showings, or loss in profits from price reductions, then you Can Not afford to Not hire a Professional Home Stager. The results will be worth every penny!

Q: Why should I spend money on a home I’m trying to sell?

A: Staging is in investment. Statistics show that the money spent on staging is recouped in the final sales price. It is crucial in the real estate market today that your home ‘stands out’ against others in your subdivision, age bracket, and price range. Buyers have many homes to choose from. You must have a competitive edge. Having your home professionally staged gives you that edge! Statistics prove that a staged home sells up to 50% faster than an non-staged home and often for 6% to 10% more than a similar non-staged home.

Q: My house isn’t worth being “professionally staged”..

A: Even spending a mere $500 for staging services should net you thousands in return and speed of sale based upon statistical data. In previous statistics, unless the house is under $50,000 this argument is invalid.

Q: Why can’t my Realtor help me stage my home?

A: Adding a Home Stager to the marketing strategy of selling your home will let your Realtor focus on what they do best, bring you buyers, while home staging prepares it for sale using proven techniques that make your home attractive to buyers who will linger and truly consider a purchase.

Q: Why can’t I stage my own home?

A: Most homeowners cannot view their homes objectively due to their emotional connection. They have decorated it in their own style and cannot image it any other way Cozy Spaces experts are trained to view homes objectively. Because we are trained at “seeing” a home through a stranger’s eyes, it is much easier for us to “stage” a home to make it appealing to EVERYONE, not just your family. We stay on top of current decorating trends and understand the psychology behind people falling in love with you house.

Q: Why should I stage my house in this slow market?

A: Selling a house is definitely more of a challenge than ever before. Home listings are exceeding demands and that means your house needs to stand apart from the rest. Staging your home removes objections from buyers and creates added value to your home. Studies show that homes that have been professionally staged sell 50% faster and for 10% more money.

Q: Why can’t buyers just overlook my taste and style?

A: Only 10% of buyer’s can look past the personal décor when they walk into a home. They form their first impression of the interior within 30 seconds of walking through the door. That impression will set the pace for how they feel about the rest of the house. Buyer’s want a house that is “move-in ready” and makes them feel at home. You do not want them walking around making a mental “to-do” list.

Q: What is Home Staging?