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Pre-Staging Services

Having a clean house and an organized life is not an easy thing. Especially when you are a busy mom with kids running around your house making a trail of messes everywhere they go. The good news though, is that it can be done. We work with you to help you de-clutter, organize, and pack your things in preparation for the big move.

Cost is $50 an hour(2-hour minimum)

De-clutting, Organizing, and Packing Service 

Repair Services

Because of Cozy Spaces unique background and experience, we can offer repair services. We can help in two ways:

• Cozy Spaces helps in the planning and starting of the project, then we are used has a second hand and give guidance to the D-I-Y homeowner.

• Cozy Spaces plans, prepares and performs the repair project. Homeowners can help to cut labor cost and time. Projects should be minor in nature using original floor plan. For a detailed list of minor repair projects and get a quote, please call or email.

Cost is $75 an hour  

If furniture or accessories are needed, Cozy Spaces can use our expertise and designer discounts to shop for the homeowner. After creating a budget, we procure those furnishing that serve as an investments in the sale of your home. Cozy Spaces only charges for the time need to shop, we don’t mark things. The discounts we get can help offset our hourly rate.

Cost is $50 an hour (2-hour minimum)

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All services start with an initial consultation and walk through to determine what is needed to prepare the home for the market. In this consultation, we will define the goals, the scope of work, and create strategies that will move us toward those goals. Then a proposal is written up which will detail material and labor needed to complete the product.



Half and Full Day Package Rate Are Available!