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Why Home Stage



First impressions are everything! Most buyers form an opinion about the condition of a home in the first 90 seconds of driving up and walking in the door. And, you normally don’t get a second change to make a quality impression. This is the most critical if you are selling your home. In today’s real estate market, your home must stand out among all of the other homes out there, and Home Staging can help you get that much need good first impression.

First Impressions Matter

Home Staging Deliver Results

Home Staging is the most powerful real estate marketing tool available to homeowners, real estate agents or brokers. It is a proven technique that has led to selling thousands of homes for top dollar. It is a highly effective marketing strategy that strives to place your home on center stage in the competitive real estate market to attract and secure a contract as fast as possible and for the greatest profit. This is achieved by creating, “emotional connection points” throughout the house so buyers feel, “Wow”, “I can see myself making a home here…

Results are All that Matters

Location, price and the condition of a house are the top three factors that buyers consider when purchasing a property. Home sellers can’t change the location or current market trends, but they can transform the condition of their property by hiring a professional home stager. If you want to avoid the hassle of endless showings, or the loss in profits from price reductions, then YOU CAN’T AFFORD NOT TO HIRE A PROFESSIONAL STAGER!

According to a 2012 HomeGain Survey, the average staging cost, nets a home seller over a 586%return on each dollar spent.

Statistics show that professionally staged homes not only sell 50% faster, but they sell for 6-10% more money on average than non-staged homes.